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We are from senegal and we have been braiding hair since over 10 years . Talented professional African braiders ,
we do all style of braiding hair , or sewing weaves or extensions:
We do it all:
Micros, singles braids , weaves, invisible, tree braids, individuals, twists, Senegalese twists ,box braids, and more and more. You name it we do it.

Micro braids hairstyles is one of the most popular types of braids hairstyles I see in the African and African American hair community. Micro braids are smaller size braids that can be curly, straight, or wavy. These braids take 6 or 7 hours to do it  , but they can last longer than other braids as well.

Kinky Twists is a two-stranded hairstyle in which the hair is woven into spirals. This look can be created using your own natural hair or by using synthetic, protein, pony or human extensions . Kinky Twists are known for their easy maintenance and take anywhere 4-5 hours to complete. Kinky Twists generally last up to three months with proper care. Micro Braids Micro Braids come in a few different sizes and lengths and generally take 4-5 hours.

the  Box Braids is a type of hair extension which is rapidly growing in popularity. They are similar to Micro Braids except for the fact that Box Braids use synthetic hair rather than natural hair. Box Braids consist of four-strand braids created by crossing opposing strands, one pair on top of the other. Since this is a difficult thing to do using only two hands, two braiding stylists are often required. Box Braids take about 5 to 6 hours to complete, and last several weeks when they are properly maintained.

Cornrows, also known as track braids or flat braids are braids that lay against the scalp. Made through a process of braiding and picking up hair along a row, they may be created using the person's own hair, or through the use of hair extensions.

Traditional sew in weaves (commonly referred to as just "sew in" or "weave") are a great choice for changing your look dramatically.  The process involves synthetic or human hair attachments which are woven into your existing hair. Braids are used as the base of the style.  Aside from their beautiful look, hair weaves add volume to existing hair and successfully conceal thinning hair as well.  I am gentle with your hair when preparing it for the sew in weave.  Pain does not equal gain for this process. 

Sew in weaves are great for all hair types.  They are an easy way to achieve the look you want at a more economical price.  These weaves typically last anywhere from 4 -12 weeks depending on the client and hair type.

2 packets of human hair is usually enough for a full sew-in weave

. A consultation is important so you can let your hair braiders  know the look you're going for and what type of hair would be best for your situation. With proper care and maintenance micro braids can last 2 to 4 months. Women have been using hair braiding styles for a long time to style their hair. And black hair braiding is one of the most popular styles. thanks every body -

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